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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  October 29, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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the rachel maddow show starts now with rachel live from denver. good evening, rachel. [ cheers and applause ] >> we are coming to you live . >> good evening, thank you for joining us tonight. we are coming at you live from the great state of colorado. we are at a lovely place called the view house in denver with a lot of very, very attractive people. so. okay. a funny thing happened on the re-election of president obama. the democrats held their nominations in 2008 if denver. when it came time for the election in 2008, candidate obama won the state easily, he beat john mccain by 2009.
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vote. they had the polling up one, maybe two points if 2012. the private polling done by the mitt romney campaign showed mitt romney winning. that's why they had him out here doing colorado events three days before the election in 2012. the romney campaign was doing this private daily tracking and the private daily tracking polls were event wrally published after the new republic. the secret mitt romney colorado poll on the saturday before election day showed that mitt rom fiwas going to win the election in colorado 48-twooif 456 that was saturday. sunday it was 48-46. they still thought mitt romney was going to win. when the polling was over. president obama not only beat him in 2012. he beat him by a ton. despite the polls saying
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otherwise. so what explains this distance between the polls and the results? it's an interesting outcome in colorado in 2012. here's another. this is from 2010. this was some of the polling for the senate race in colorado that year. of the final 18 polls, done in that senate race, 17 of the 18 showed that colorado's next senator would be a republican guy named ken buck. 17 of 18 polls, say democrat michael bennet would lose an ken buck would win. republican buck lost, democrat michael bennett won. and if you keep going back in time over the last few election cycles, joy there is something in overtime. in 1996, colorado looks like
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utah or idaho or texas. bob deal won for president if colorado against bill clinton in 1996. won the senate that year, too.
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they keep surprising everybody year after year for a solid decade now in which they have been shocking republicans by beating them for a decade and this year the national democratic party decided to try
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to bottle colorado democrats' secret cause. that sthor who beat ken buck in 2010, despite the polling to the contrary, democrats made him the head of the democratic senate campaign committee. he's the top democrat in charge of getting them elected all over the country. he's colorado senator michael bennet. we will be speaking with him in just a moment. in case the symbolism and the secret sauce strategy isn't clear enough, the democrats have also gave fame, a fame, a specific and kind of hard to remember name to tear national effort to elect democratic senators across the country and hold on to control over the united states senate. they called their effort nation wide the bennett street project because it was on bennett street here in denver at a home, a building that is home to a gym, where, well, this explains it, watch. >> all right.
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so, here's what i want to do. i want you to correct my misconceptions about ba i think is going on. because i'm quite sure i've got it wrong, because it teams fantastical to be correct. so this is bannock street. this place in 2010 was not the michael bennet headquarters but the field orders. >> right. it has a long his troitory of democrats. bill ritter's for governor, winning twoikt 2006. mark udall 2008, winning here, the bannocs project they call it now the victory field office if 2010. michael bennet's headquarters was like in a child modeling agency that still had the runways and the mirrors. it's the most bizarre thing when you went in there. they still had runways.
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i never saw practices walk but he still won. >> if you extrapolate to like a big national strategy, don't do it from the child modeling agency. the juju on that has to be so bad. >> but it worked. >> here's what i understand in 2010. again, i get this isn't the template for what was going on here. for the democratic perspective in 2010, peekal bennett was getting killed in every poll. i looked at the last 18 polls before the election, 17 had either a tie or michael bennet losing to ken buck. on election day, pike am bennett wins. so then everything changed at the last moment. two is polls were wrong. or three is democrats were doing something that didn't register in the polls but did register on election day. they have decided it was no. 3, they have some magic in their ground game, if their
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organizinging effort, they got people to turn out that pollsters didn't expect. >> basically. >> what do you think? >> republicans will tell you that theory doesn't hold water at all. i can tell that you the ken buck's pollster was in our office. this was why we were going to women i remember i was covering the jefferson county race, jefferson county is like our bellwhether, it's the barometer. when early returns came about 7:15, republicans are the early return people the good citizens and the democrats kind of have to go to their door, come on, go vote, that sort of thing. but he was up 2% with early returns. i remember yelling across the fuse room, michael bennet pit have won. he won by two percentage points. >> that's lynn bartles from the denver post who agreed to be my sort of guide here today. they are the good citizens, the
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democrats you have to go to their doors and say, get off your butts. lynn told me for all of the democrat's pride in their getting people off the butts field work, they believe it is tear secret sauce that helped them beat not only the republicans but what the polls say here, she says this year the republican versus upped their ground game, too, but they don't like to talk about it. >> there is this interest thing going on where all these unaffiliated and democratic voters are getting all sorts of mail from cory gardner. you're like, i got one pail piece from mark udall but six from -- >> it's interesting. >> the republicans don't talk about i call it their double secret ground game. what happens in fight clubs staying in fight clubs what cory gardner says. they said they have been out there for months. >> they say democrats are bragging about the ground game, republicans don't have one.
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>> it's in the locked box along with social security. >> in a state where the senate vase tied, nobody trusts the polls, that's the person you want to be talking to, right. the person that can make the random al gore joke about the '90s while she is fake locking your face closed so you won't talk about the secret get out the vote plan that nobody speaks of. why did you come to denver? this is why i came to denver. i love it. so the other people you want to tuque in the middle of a race like this, in the middle of a state like this, while the democratic party is trying to extrapolate what happened here to the whole nation is the guy who made it here first who is trying to make it for democrats across the country. he is senator michael bennett of the great state of colorado. for bennett. >> hello. >> let me ask you about this fight club assertion there first. what i'm hearing, no republicans will talk to me.
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what i'm hearing is that republicans actually have spectacularly upped their ground game. they think they are in great shape. they are staying quiet about it until after the election. >> we haven't seen any evidence of it. we know that afp has knocked on doors. i can't imagine what it's like to come to a door and say i'm here to knock on your door on behalf of the coke brothers on behalf of your party. i think they claimed yesterday they have knocked on 140,000 doors since june. udall's campaign knocked on 145,000 doors last week. so it may be a difference of approach. it's certainly a difference in philosophy. the reason we do there, is particularly after citizens united, there is no way we can compete on the airways. what we have to do is couch by couch, block by block. that's what we are dock here, if alaska, north carolina and all across the country.
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>> is it just more of traditional door-to-door, knocking on doors, hanging mailers on doorknobs, old school shoe leather get out the vote, there more of it or are you doing something substantial -- >> it's that combined. let's talk about that, first after owl. if order to do that, have you to have people who believe in the candidates and believe in the ideas and are willing to take on extra shifts. this isn't something you pay for him some ooem people try to pay for it. they're not successful at it. i could have told you if you called me a month before the romney-obama election here, i could have told you mitt romney wasn't going to win, not because i saw polling, but twlfs no program at all. but you asked the level of precision is when they know which door they're knocking on and which call they're making. er with much more precise today than we ever have been. >> why are the polls always so wrong here? there is national excitement.
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the polls show mark begich in alaska sufferinging ahead. i'm think, there had never been a poll within 20 points, it's notoriously terrible. >> it's ha ready to poll the first vote. second, you only need about 132,000 votes to win in alaska, an entire senate race. it's a much bigger state. i'm not sure i can answer the question. i can tell that you my poll, thank you, by the way, of reminding me of that last long summer, every poll said i was going to lose, i was taking calls by my mom and everybody else saying why can't you get it together? our poll actually had me up which bun u one. the only time we were behind was in the last week. i remember our track had me down one him i thought maybe i better get used to the idea we better lose. we won by two points. we actually won by 1.3.
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>> not that you got it burned into your memory. as you extrap translate votes, there is a lot of doubters. it will be fascinating to watch. >> we will see. >> thank you. i appreciate it. thank you. i'm having a great time. we are live from the view house in beautiful am i saying this lodo -- >> yes. >> lower down town denver in the most hotly contested state of the union right now. we have much more ahead, including my interview with for mark udall. once again, we need to debunk aggressively wrong information with our friends at the fox fuse channel. they are scareing your gullible conservative uncle who watches fox fuse all day, afraid of the fact that people are voting in this state in particular. plus my first ever visit to illegal pop shops, where i got everything wrong. that's all ahead. stay with us.
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i wrote a profile of cory gardner, not since mona lisa has the smile been discussed so much. he's always smiling. >> that helps. >> that comes across, mark udall's best assets like you look in the dictionary of good guys, there is mark udall's picture. because of the campaign they have him staring in the camera. i'm mark udall the world is tonight end. it doesn't play off his strengths, with i is somebody you want to have a beer with. republicans said in you didn't know any better, you would think mark udall was the republican. >> because he seems dire and happy. >> for some people it doesn't work. >> fascinating. >> so control of the united states senate hangs in the balance.
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part of the calculation in determining that, according to local experts is who seems happy during the campaign. if you were the guy who everybody said didn't seem happy, how unhappy would that make you to hear that? >> so i was talking to lynn bartles from the denver post who is a big fan of yours, she described herself to me as a legitimately undecided voter. it makes both sides unhusseini, because she knows both you guys. if person, her experience with covering you all these years is you are fun to be with, you enjoy life, you are a conversationalist. in your ads and your campaign, are you already on mount rushmore, you are carved in stone, you are very dire and serious. she feels stillistically that may be a problem for your campaign. >> i think she has it wrong, actually. when you look at this race and you look at the case i have been
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making, this is a serious choice that coloradoans have right now. we can move the state forward. are we going to go backwards? i think congressman's record makes me feel so serious. so it's wrong for the state. >> in terms of what he has been like in the congress, i mean, i seen this in some of your ads. he is out there, he is, there is the edge and then there is the bit cantilevered over theing edge, he is out there. the way he is run income this state, you would think he was running to be a centrist crossover new model republican. has he been able define himself better than you have been able to define it? >> i think, of course, the voters will have to the final say. increasingly, you see the surge if moment item. voters are tuning into that record you talked and. it's not just women's
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reproductive freedom where he had an objectionable position. he's voted to deport dreamsers on the lbgt front. he has voted against gay couples to adopt. he's voted against discrimination in the work place. so that's the fundamental case i have been making in colorado. >> senator mark udall of california making the case that it is worth being very serious about policy and also it's worth being very serious about who you are running againstch even if sometimes voters seem to prefer the slightly what gigglier candidate. and we're not making this up. random still from the debate in the colorado senate race here this year. look, we didn't put that caption on it. they are at that moment debating ebola policy. for mark udall, serious as a heart attack. mark gardner, gigley, happy, happy, ebola. this is a factor.
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multiple people have raised this stylistic issue. it's weird, but it's a factor. in talking to senator udall today i think he knows it. >> i love this state. i think we're on the cutting edge, including our kraft beer. we produce that much in the country. >> you say that even though i'm a semi drinker. >> it's another form of energy. it's actually become an important part of our economy. >> this morning i went to my first ever marijuana dispensary. i know you didn't take a position when coloradoans were voting on it. now we've got it. the republican candidate is elected governor. he says he will do everything he can to get rid of the existing legal marijuana industry in this state. why did you stay neutral on it and how do you think it's worked out so far? >> i thought the voters ought to make a decision based on their own perspective. whatever they decided i would stand with them.
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what we are doing when it comes to the implementation is urging the federal government to butt out. the big challenge right now is the cannabis industry doesn't have access to the inconsistencies. it's a cash only business right now. that creates public safety concerns. it creates inefficiencies in the industry. so those of us in the delegation are pushing hard on the attorney general and the federal government to let us implement states or laboratories for policies experimentation. this is a classic example. >> even when talking about beer and then pot, very serious, which is kind of a nice thing, actually, for somebody who is in charge of important things. that point he raised about the marijuana industry legal in the state being a cash business is a serious thing it turns out. i learned all about it later this afternoon. i should tell you, aside from serious, senator morocco udall, his opponent has the approach.
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smiles, everyone, smiles him i would have loved to talk to congressman gardner about that and more on his trip. congressman gardner never returned our calls until the denver post published an article that quoted me saying that bob beauprez did not call me back. they were nice about it. the other guy that said no really nicely, he turns out to be the most amazing one of all. i wish he would have agreed to talk to me. but because he didn't, i will talk about him. that's next. plus more of my confusing trip to learn how to buy pot when it is ill little to do so. do you guys show people to roll jones if they don't know how? >> no, we don't. we have prerolled jones they can purchase here. >> you can buy joint by joint? >> yep. >> are they all priced the same? >> yes, $10 per joint.
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a single ember that escapes from a wildfire can travel more than a mile. that single ember can ignite and destroy your home or even your community you can't control where that ember will land only what happens when it does get fire adapted now at . >> as far as our customer base, it's usually 40 to 50-year-old men and women. very well dressed. >> more men than women? >> i'd say about half-and-half. but it's not your usual 22-year-old you know looking to get high at 10:00 in the morning. >> it's your 44-year-old looking to get high in the evening. >> exactly. he will go home after a long day
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of work. put the kids down, instead of siting down with a glass of beer with his wife, he will sit down with a joint and call it a fight. >> it's a whole few world. please shoal me what else you got. >> i got an introduction today into the wide world after legal pot in colorado. we got more at the end of the show, we are saving as your dessert, it's amazing, we have at the view house bar in downtown denver. including, we have to write some seriously wrong information that our dear friends at the fox news channel are putting out a week after the election why voting here in this state is a terrifying thing. that's next.
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you see when you drive around colorado close to election day, one of the cooler things you see is you drive around colorado closer to election day, something i saw earlier today within i was walking around
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denver. look. that right there on your screen is a polling lace in the middle of the road. white tepts, red box, people wearing ear warmers, a place you can drop off your ballot. you drive up on your bike. you hand your ballot over to an election official stationed inside the tent. >> what we do is they get it to the valet. we give them a sticker, ask them to wear it. >> you voted. >> then we put it in the bongs him they pick the box up whenever it's full. they take it inside and process it and everything. >> so this is not a thing you can do, in colorado. this is the thing. drive up voting. colorado to you has a male based voting system where every registered voter in the state gets mailed a ballot. you can fill it out at home, mail it or drop it off.
1:35 am
that voting system, where the state mails you a ballot that you can then drop off somewhere. that has turned into this on the fox news channel. >> breaking tonight with two weeks to the mid-terms, we are getting warnings that a few law has opened the door to possible voter fraud in a clinical senate race that could decide the balance of power in congress. it was 16 months ago the democrat of colorado signed a first of its kind new election law a. set of rules that allows residents to print ballots from their home computerss and turns them over to collectors in what appears to be an effort to do away with traditional polling places, what could go wrong? >> what could go wrong? not even a little bit true. not at all. that was a report on the fox fuse channel last week which suggested that colorado residents all can present their
1:36 am
ballots on tear home computers and hand them over to mysterious collectors. so you know fraud, a democratic plot to steal the election. colorado voters have not all print them an their home computers they have always been able to do that. it's not a few law attal. it's never been controversial before, before fox fuse decided to make it controversial. the press have gone to lengths to clean up the mess that fox fuse has left behind with their unfortunate viewers here. it has led to some confusion on how you can and cannot vote. >> it was incorrectly reported that you can create your ballot off your own home computer so people had visions of liberals going to office debow and buying up all the ink cartridges and presenting out, you know, millions of these ballots. and that's not true. if you are overseas in the military, which is before the
1:37 am
new law. >> as you heard, lynn, from the denver post say there, if you are an overseas voter or a peb of the military, you can print your own ballot. otherwise the state mails you a ballot. you fill it out. you can either pail it back. if you don't like the idea of putting it in the mail, you can drop it off at one of these handy locations. not that complicated. thankfully last night the fox fuse can el did sort of correct their error on the air. >> last week we said the new law also allows all voters to print out their ballots at home. that actually is not the case. members of the military and others like coloradoans overseas can present out the ballot at home. but this was the law before the new law passed. >> excellent. it's good. end of story, right? that should be? no, had that been it, oh, we got it wrong. no. because now fox news has figured out another way to scare
1:38 am
mongerant this idea of people vote income colorado. please watch this. i promise you, we did not make this up. i promise. >> there are some coloradoans who prefer not to get a ballot mailed to them because there might be someone in the household, a union boss, an employer works intimidates them once they get the ballot. so the boss foes when it will show up. the union boss foes when it will show up. they can try to come over and obtain that ballot from you and turn it in for you. >> steve, mail-in voting is bad for colorado because union bosses or canyons or whatever might figure out when your ballot will alive and will fill it out and thereby steal the election. mwaaa. this is completely insane. but that is the concern being pedals very seriously right now in the fox news corner of the world. a week before the election, tear
1:39 am
idea is that union bosses are nikkeiing into people's homes, filling out tear ballots and secret unions. you have evidence they're not doing it? fox fuse did not exist, we would have to make them up, part of a liberal blot to steal the election with the new black panther party. fax news is so amazing. you should foe that's water happening because that is what your crazy conservative uncle now thinks about voting in colorado this year. that's why he's worried. tada.
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we are live in denver, colorado. much more ahead. we'll be right back.
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. >> do you feel voters need a better explanation than i misspoke? i stand on my statement. >> okay. who are you apologizing to? >> you know i stands by my statement and i apologize. >> i apologize. we talk to you all the time. you are a forthcomeing guy, who is telling you not to talk? >> i stand bypy statement that i wrote that you have. i misspoke and i apologize. >> greatest tape ever. i stand by my statement. if you ask the beltway that guy's race is the only kettive
1:44 am
house race in colorado right now i misspoke indeed that is a hard not colorado house race this year. it is not the onlyrun one, super conservative district third most military district in the nation. active duty and retired military personnel, a population that tends to vote republican or at least lean conservative. it's a conservative incumbent doug landborn, given those fundamentals, it should be a shoe-in. surprised the democratic challenger in that race outraised doug lamborn by a ton of money and that challenger is a retired air force general who spent 32 years in the service. [ applause ]
1:45 am
. and if you add to that the amazing tape of what congressman doug lamborn got himself famous in the basement of a bar, well, then you've got a race. >> a lot of us are talking to the general behind the scenes saying, hey, if you disagree with the policy that the white house is giving you, let's have a resignation. let's have a public resignation and state your protest and go out in a blaze of glory. and i have soon then e seen that, in fact, i haven't seen that at all in years. let's have a mass resignation from the generals. go out in a blaze of glory. congressman doug lamborn, he says he is working behind the scenes if war team to get american military generals to quit the military for political reasons him he says it would be a blaze of glory. so he's been trying to talk them into it. nobody is polling this particular race. nobody is doing public polling.
1:46 am
nobody thinks it's in play. it's dowling lamborn whose seat this is. the retired general running full tilt for that seat is major general irve haler. i wouldn't bet on this race either way. don't take my vote for it. consider coke industries, which jumped into the race, coke brothers to the rescue, they're mr. lamborn's top contributor and the national republican party has parachuted into the race running tens of thousands of worth of ads for doug lamborn if what is the most republican district in the state a. state they never thought they would have to spend a dime. this is asleeper race and a fascinating one. doug lamborn was asked to be on the show. he said. joining us is congressman haler. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> nice to see you. >> so i think your race is asleeper because, in part of
1:47 am
your fundraising numbers and because of the kind 06 cane you are running and i think mr. lamborn has had some slips, why have been able to raise some.? >> look, doug lamborn has never been popular amodge republicans him they know he has no record of achievement. mr. of them are tired of him. unfortunately, they haven't had a choice for a while. we have been on tv three weeks. mr. lamborn has been on tv at all. when you don't have money you can't get on tv. we believe it is a sleeper race. we will take this. >> when you decided to get involved in politics. obviously, you had a long and storied career. you have been in the military world, sense retiring from the military as well. why did you decide to be a democrat? i ask that, because i know you are a conservative democrat. that's rare breed, why be a democrat? what does that mean right now? >> i think a conservative democrat and what i have seen in
1:48 am
the democratic party is a much wider tent than you see in the republican party nowadays. i have to tell you, i was a republican much of my life, probably so. i look back at folks leak ronald reagan. he was a leader. now what i see in the republican party is a little too much close mindedness at times. although i have a lot of republican friends. i have great respect for them. i think in a lot of cases we see the world is the same. i think a conservative democrat is somebody more to the center. i think we need more parties in the center. >> in the beltway, they look at a heavily military district like yours, they equal republican voters. do you go that's getting scrambled a bit in the current state of the military and public affair. >> within i was in the uniform, i frequently reminded foeblgs, nobody should assume this. the military should stay apolitical. one of the things that was so egregious about generals is
1:49 am
because it goes across that lean. everybody in that team is supposed to go across one team. i think people would be surprised that the breakout in the military is much more evenly than anybody would think. >> general irve halter, my pick phrase, sleeper race in this part of the country. nice to meet you, sir. thanks for being on. i really appreciate it. [ applause ] . >> coming up next, as a non-pot smoker lost in a pot shop, i find out something alien dog s. it actually works out very well. that's next. stay with us.
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. >> here comes a bus him i know it's a pedestrian mall. here's the thing. here's a metaphor that i have yet to suss out about denver and about colorado.
1:53 am
so we're in denver. this is the 16th street mall. right. mall implies like a place where one walks, not a place where one drives. in fact, you as a normal person can't drive on the 16th street mall. it's a pedestrian area filled with buses and cop cars and police on motorcycles. so i don't know like this is a formal compromise here. we won't have people and private cars. so you can't be killed by a private car while you are walking, not paying attention. you can be absolutely killed by a bus. because it's a special bus only area and the bus is just, anyway, i don't get it. a lot of things about colorado that are colorado specific. the pedestrian mall with the unit buses running through is one of them. the reason we are here, right here next to 7-eleven and the sports fan, the sign there, recreational meds. >> that is a euphemism for you can boy pot here.
1:54 am
so colorado has legalized recreational sale and use i guess recreational use, sale for the purposes of recreational use of marijuana and i want to see what that's like. let's go inside. watch out for buses. hi, i'm rachel. you need so see my i.d. how old do you have to be to come in? >> 21. >> okay. thank you very much. do you know what you want? >> the categories flower, i'll figure this out. actually, i probably won't him may i take this? >> yeah, sure. >> thank you. >> hi, rachel, i'm jamie. >> how are you? >> face in to meet you. >> thank you for dock this. >> you want me to give you an
1:55 am
explanation of what is going on here? >> i am already totally mystified. >> if this is your first time, you will be impressed. bigally, post-dispensaries, you they will hand you a jar, you smell the jar. the buy tender in the industry. >> i will take as an example. what's the name of this? alien dog. >> it's indika is the couch that's when you think of the typical i want to use the pothead, sitting around, kind of lounging. that's it. >> indika makes you boring. euphoric reacts tingly, creative, happy. let skip the medical effects for now, sidesqueles. the most common side effect is dry mouth. medical effects, the strain is used to help patients treat stress, pain, insome fiia, nausea or the lack of exercise. >> yes. >> so you go through here, you got your little. >> this is a menu, you write the
1:56 am
strain name. because are you from out of state. you would only be allowed to purchase 7 grams. >> 7 grams? that's a lot. i mean, depending i guess. >> so if you are from in state can you purchase up to 21 grams per visit. >> you could purchase it every day if you were a colorado resident if you had the money? >> yeah, if you wanted to. >> cash only. you have an atm here. >> we do have the atm. that is the downside, i am sure you know we are not allowed to bank at all. there is no banking allowed for us. >> 18 though it's legal in state there is no state specific banking, it's still federally illegal. >> it's a huge issue for us. a lot of industry groups get together him we talk about this it's no longer an issue or a problem. it's a crisis. we have for the place to put our money. >> meaning your profits, you can bank your profits? >> you can't technically bank your marijuana marijuana anywhere besides your own safe
1:57 am
and mattress is there that's astonishing. >> i think people in this country don't realize, this is a huge issue for us. few look behind you, you can see, we have visitors from not only all over the u.s., but the entire world. >> this is sense you have been opened if april? >> yeah. >> you had people come by. >> there is really not i don't think a continent that hasn't been, obviously, a continent hasn't been represented. most countries at least one visitor as well. >> that's amazing. >> we're very excited about water happening here. >> you have greenlanders? >> icelanders, greenlanders, yeah. i was in shock. >> let me show you this stuff. so, basic amelie, i'm on the 16th street mall because of the situation with where you can smoke in denver, because you can't smoke anywhere in public visible. we find our edibles are our biggest sellers here. >> this is not normal candy, even though it looks like it. this is pot candy.
1:58 am
>> this is, in fact, infused medicated candy. as you will notice, these containers are child proof containers, that way children can't get into them. >> once they're opened, honestly, the peach ba fan na rings, that doesn't look different than a gummy candy. can i see why there is stress around the edibles in terms of people potentially essentially getting dosed within they don't intend to. i don't know, i guess the laws are all still really in flux. >> that's the state of colorado is trying to regulate this better to make sure it doesn't get into the hand of children. i always have to go back to col him it's the parents responsibility to keep it out of kids hands. >> can i ask you about the normal household products? >> we have scratch guard here. you open up the bottom of it. and tada, it's a stash can. >> why do you feed stash cans. >> it's a novelty item.
1:59 am
honestly. it's kind of fun. this goes on the top. >> so it's weighinged like it's a can. see, that would have fooled me. this is why i don't work as a border patrol officer. yes, that's red bull. >> can i ask you a cultural question about your buyers? what time of day do people come in and buy the most pot? >> it depends. usually after 5:00 we get a rush. >> they open early in the morning. more men than women? >> i'd say half and half. it's not your usual 22-year-old, you know, looking to get high at 10:00 in the morning. >> it's your 44-year-old looking to get high in the evening. >> exactly. he will go home after a long day of work. put the kids to bed. instead of sitting down with a glass of wine with his wife. he will sit down with a joints and call it a night. >> it's a whole new world. >> it's a whole new world. i knew i was a dork before walking into the pot shop and
2:00 am
having no idea. now i'm a certified doshlg in the state of colorado. now, ladies and gentlemen, that is how iend spent my day in beautiful denver, colorado. thank you all here tonight. first look is up next. good morning, everybody. right now nasa suffers a catastrophic failure when an unmanned cargo rocket explodes moments after takeoff. slow moving lava from a hawaiian volcano reaches the first property in the path. why the federal government said at&t customers have been deceived. the pope's surprising take on evolution and the big bang theory. the kansas city royals force a world series game 7. and daniel radcliffe makes late night magic. thank you for joining us. i'm betty winn. catastrophic anomaly. shortly after takeoff an unmanned rocket exploded in


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